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Media Representations, Modern Racism, Militarized Policing: A Lethal Mix.

Media Psychology Symposium "Short Talk"

Media Representations, Modern Racism, Militarized Policing: A Lethal Mix.

The increasing frequency of reports of Black men and women who died while in police custody or during an interaction with police, gives credence to the phrase disparate policing. A report from the National Academy of Sciences found police in the United States kill far more people than police in other advanced democracies with Black men and women being a disproportionate number of the victims. Implicit bias and racism have been considered contributing factors that explain this disparity. The trend towards militarized policing should also be considered a factor. Recent studies have shown that media consumption has dramatically increased as people turn to streaming media and other media outlets for news and entertainment during the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic and resulting stay-at home orders. Media consumption has been shown to have an impact on the attitudes and beliefs of frequent viewers.  This analysis considers the role of narratives about Blacks in the U.S.—whether news accounts or entertainment media—in contributing to attitudes that reinforce racism and implicit bias and the consequences when coupled with militarized policing. The study uses a theoretical framework that includes social identity, cultivation, social learning and inter-group relations.

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